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This Easter feels a bit like a non-event. Easter day doesn’t quite have the same celebration feel when you haven’t done Holy Week.

Being a mum of two little ones has meant that my church involvement this year is at a minimum. I go to church on Sundays only and, if I’m lucky, I manage to catch some of the sermon as I attempt to keep my little monkeys under control. But that’s okay.

Sometimes we can’t make it to church on Easter morning, despite our best intentions. The kids kick off, our partner isn’t game or our bed is just too comfy. That’s okay.

When we do make it to church, the service can seem distant, not relevant or not pressing our buttons. That’s okay.

It’s okay because the events of that first Easter are true and have consequences no matter how I am feeling. It doesn’t depend on me turning up to every service or being on top form. Jesus has conquered death and I can now live in the light of his victory. Forever it’s okay.

His is victorious whether or not I turn up, pay attention or feel engaged. He has won, it is finished. So as I realise that it’s too late for me to make the service this morning I will rest in that. It’s not down to me, it’s down to Him, it’s okay.


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