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It’s the small things.

When each of our girls were born we had friends bring round meals. Pasta bakes, pies, puddings, you name it we were given it! When you’re in the fog of a new-born not having to worry about dinner is a godsend.

It’s the small things.

Ever since I moved out, whenever my mum has come to visit she arrives laden with whatever staple is on offer at the supermarket. Tinned tomatoes, toilet roll, baked beans, all ready to stock up my cupboards. While I was at University my housemates were always appreciative.

It’s the small things.

During Lent, as well as giving up things we enjoy and choosing to dedicate more time to prayer, we are challenged to give more. In fact, there are some amazing charity resources to help us shape our giving over Lent. Some of you tweeted me about 40Acts who send you a daily email with a challenge to complete an act of kindness that day. Christian Aid encourages you to Count your Blessings to raise money to lift communities out of poverty. CAFOD provides resources for churches to hold a Fast Day to provide water for the world’s poorest people.

A chocolate bar left on a colleague’s desk, giving 10p for each childhood book you can remember, mending a village’s water pump, it’s the small things.

Life is busy and it’s all too easy to rush from one thing to another but this Lent I’m challenged to make twice the amount of spag bol and give it to a friend who’s having a busy week. It’s no biggie. My acts of giving don’t have to be dramatic, it’s the small gestures that mean the most.

I’d like to hear how your Lent is going. What has this Lent meant to you? Please share so we can all be encouraged.



  1. Chris Goswami says:

    Thanks for that. I think its these small things that indicate the state of our hearts much more than the dramatic gesture of say giving a large sum of money or obeying a call to ministry. We can plan for and rationalise the big gestures (which are also important of course), but these small things “give us away” in the in-between times and when our guard is lowered. 🙂

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