Why I’m glad John Simpson is a dying breed.



Photo Credit: BBC

Those of us who love The Great British Bake Off find a welcomed fix between series with The Great Sport Relief Bake Off. Raising money for charity, four celebrities attempt to whisk their way to success and win the coveted Star Baker apron.

This week, veteran broadcaster John Simpson joined the line up along to present his bakes at the gingham altar of the Bake Off tent.

It became immediately obvious that John Simpson is not an accomplished baker. Not that this was particularly surprising to anyone. He himself said that he’s rather be reporting under mortar fire than bake a free-form tart!

While his attempts are endearing, I’m glad for the contrast with footballer & pundit Jermaine Jenas’ attempts. At half of Simpson’s age he shows how it is no longer acceptable for a man to ‘not be able to bake’

Note those inverted commas!

It’s not that John Simpson can’t bake, he just doesn’t know how. And why would he? The thing is, you only learn to bake by spending time in the kitchen and having a go! Simpson most likely grew up in a disabling environment where he was not given the encouragement or space to make those rooky culinary mistakes.

And as his showstopper Soetkoekies proved, he can bake but he just needs to give it a go.

It was wonderful that he decided to take part to raise money for Sport Relief but it is encouraging that his baking illiteracy is no longer seen as socially acceptable.

John Simpson is a good sport but I’m glad he’s a dying breed.



  1. Deb says:

    Totally agree. Spot on. x

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