Naked Prayers- A reflection for Woman to Woman on Premier Christian Radio

I love how in her book An Altar in the World, the writer and Anglican priest Barbara Brown Taylor suggests that everyone have a go at praying naked….

“I think that it’s important to pray naked in front of a full-length mirror sometimes, especially when you are full of loathing for your body

In that brief moment after a shower between the towel coming off and the clothes being put on, prayer is not the main thing on my mind. Except, perhaps, a “Lord, where has my figure got to?!” prayer which, if I’m honest is less to my God and more directed out to the ether. But I like where Barbara Brown Taylor is going with this unorthodox prayer technique. Why pretend that God only sees us in our Sunday best? He alone sees us as we are. It’s a terrifying thought but, when embraced is liberating. It would be terrifying if, when we approach God, in our post-shower naked state he took one look at us and laughed. But he doesn’t shame us or say, “Well, Sharon from your book club has managed to shed the baby weight, what happened to your get fit plan?!” No, he sees us as we are, in fact, it’s more beautiful than that. When he sees us, he doesn’t see the stretch marks (which, if we are honest existed before we even had children). He doesn’t see the self-harm scars, or undernourished skin. He sees Jesus, in all of his radiant glory. There is no comparison, only joy.

Listen to the Woman to Woman podcast here. This reflection is from 14 mins.

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