Pineapples and God’s provision

Not much brings more joy to Miss F’s face than discovering exotic fruit in the kitchen. ‘Pie-papples’ rate highest, followed closely by ‘water-lemons’ as a firm favourite.

A few weeks ago she returns from preschool after I’d unpacked a big shopping delivery. She wanders into kitchen, perusing the counters to see what she could ask for as a snack and spots the prickly fruit standing on the surface. She runs into the living room to find me, shouting, “Mummy, there’s a pie-papple in the kitchen! Come see!” She drags me by the hand to show me her discovery.

“Look Mummy! It’s my favourite!”

Not once does she think that I already know that it’s her favourite and that I bought it to make her smile.

When good things happen- new friends made, situations resolved or special memories created- I find myself telling God about it. “See Lord, she’s such fun to be around, we’re going to be friends!” I forget that God already knows, indeed he is the one who has placed the person in my life to make me smile.

We have a God who wants to bless us, who wants to make us smile. Sometimes that’s with a new friend and sometimes that’s with pineapples in the kitchen.


  1. Joe says:

    Thanks for the reminder! We know our God blesses us, yet it’s so easy to be selfish and forget.

    1. theologybee says:

      Thanks Joe, I’ve found that in becoming a mother I’ve learned something new about God’s love for us.

  2. natalie says:

    Heart absolutely warmed by this. xx

    1. theologybee says:

      Thanks Natalie! Occasionally she’s actually quite sweet.

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