Surrender- A Good Friday reflection


How often do I manipulate the truth to justify my inaction?

To the tearful person after church– “They probably don’t want me to bother them so I’ll leave them alone.”

To the recently bereaved- “They have lots of people supporting them, they don’t need me to pop by.”

To the person verbally attacked at work- “If I say something it will cause a scene, I’ll check if they are okay later.”

Pilate told himself and others that Jesus’ death wasn’t his doing- he washed his hands of the matter despite knowing that it was an injustice.

His inaction was itself an action. He sent Jesus to die.

But where is Jesus? What does he say?


As a lamb before its shearers is silent, he said nothing.

But his silence is not inaction.

Instead, it’s the ultimate action of love.

To stand there in my place. His silence speaks volumes.

By his surrender, I am saved.

By his silence, we are called into the Way of the Cross.

By his active silence, inaction is no longer an option.

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