The best of 2016

2016 has been a turbulent year in the news and a long but beneficial year for me personally. I am very grateful for everyone who has taken the time to read my various posts over the last 12 months. So as we thank God for the year that has been and trust him for what will be in 2017, here are the five most read blog post of 2016.

How to bless your church leader

how to bless your church leader

Congregation members often underestimate the effects of their words and actions toward their church leader. As human beings, church leaders want to feel loved and valued. And like many of us, it’s actually pretty easy to encourage them once you know how. Do you want to bless your church leader? Here are just two suggestions…

Thank you for talking to my child

Thank you for talking to my child

Outside of the home, church is the most important place where children learn about the beauty that is the Gospel. We can put together the most Pinterest-worthy of craft and deliver the most engaging of kid’s talks but the reality is that it is the interaction our children have with fellow congregation members that shapes their understanding of God’s love. When those interactions are positive, church becomes the place where a child wants to be

Is Fr Hamel a martyr?

Fr Hamel

Two gunmen entered the church of Saint Etienne-du-Rouvray in Normandy and killed Fr Jacques Hamel while he was celebrating Mass for a group of religious sisters. This came as horrifying news to all peace-seeking humans, but it sends a particular chill down the spines of the European Christian community. If them, could it be us?

I’m grateful for the return of PMT


After a year and a half menstruation-free, my period has returned like a boss. I’m back begrudgingly buying tampons, with no tax break I might add. Writing off items in my wardrobe as too ‘high risk’ to wear for a week each month. Hunting for my old friend, the hot water bottle, to be my companion as I curl up on the sofa. I’ve not missed Auntie Flo

I hope that church makes you feel uncomfortable this Christmas

I hope that Church makes your feel uncomfortable this Christmas

You know who you are, the once-a-year church attendees- this is for you.

Another year, another Christmas church visit. It’s hard to believe that a year has passed where you haven’t darkened our door. You may have intended to visit and life just didn’t pan out that way, or you might not even be bothered by your infrequent attendance. Either way, don’t worry, I understand. This isn’t a post to bash you over the head. Sunday church is inconvenient, socially alien and often downright boring

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